About Tomologic
Tomologic’s mission is to make sheet metal working intelligent, resulting in significant environmental and cost advantages for various stakeholders. We are an important part of the Fourth Industrial Revolution, combining Artificial Intelligence techniques with traditional optimization problems, thus leveraging significant competitive advantages as well as a unique opportunity to save over 1% of global carbon emissions.

Tomologic offers the best of two worlds: the financial stability and benefits of a grown up company while still having the social culture and low-overhead innovative momentum of a startup. Tomologic is privately owned with solid backing from external industrial investors.

The technical challenge:

Tomologic is a small company with three primary development teams. We deliver our value through a wide range of technologies, spanning an algorithmic AI engine, computing clusters, Docker and Kubernetes, REST APIs and front-ends, as well as analysis tools both for internal quality assurance and for customers and partners.

We are currently looking for a new team member to contribute in all of our different technology stacks. We would like to fill this role with a service minded generalist who thrives while learning new technologies. The role involves development of the core algorithmic software and our service platforms, as well as design, development and continuous evolution of systems and components thereof.

As different initiatives are prioritized over time, our aim is that this will be a low friction role with the purpose of assisting any of our teams currently in need. This does not imply constantly changing teams but rather transitioning when some larger tasks in the projects have concluded, which may take in the order of weeks or months.

We value agile collaborative software development. We highly believe that automation is awesome and the natural way to implement processes. We also value thinking about design, not for its own sake but to frame an (initial) idea and as a path that can be discussed with colleagues in order to reach an objective.

If you are excited about Tomologic and this position and match the qualifications below, then please send us your application to jobs@tomologic.com. In addition to a CV, we greatly appreciate a cover letter where you describe your professional background and passions, and in which way you could strengthen our team through this role.

You match these, skills, experiences and traits:

  • Scientific approach to problem solving
  • Great written and verbal interpersonal skills
  • At least 5 years of experience delivering production software
  • A degree in computer science, software engineering or equivalent
  • Java and Python skills
  • Comfortable with working in a Linux and/or OS X environment
  • Experience working with virtualization and containers, such as Docker
  • English or Swedish skills
  • Eligible to work in Sweden


  • Clean code and functional style programming
  • Combinatorial optimization (heuristics, algorithms)
  • Linear algebra and geometry (basic skills)
  • Data management, SQL, object storage
  • Docker orchestration such as Kubernetes
  • Web API design and some front-end exposure (Angular2, Web Components, React)

This full time position is located in our Stockholm office.