View of officeTomologic offers cloud based Intelligent Services to leading machine builders, enabling their customers to achieve smarter utilization of material, power, time, and machinery. Machine builders can easily integrate Tomologic’s Optimization as a Service with their product portfolio.

We are an important part of the Fourth Industrial Revolution, combining Artificial Intelligence techniques with traditional optimization problems, thus leveraging significant competitive advantages as well as a unique opportunity to save over 1% of global carbon emissions.

As an employer Tomologic offers the best of two worlds: the financial stability and benefits of a grown up company while still having the social culture and low-overhead innovative momentum of a startup. Tomologic’s Engineering team consists of close to 20 professionals including experts in advanced algorithm design, artificial intelligence and development of high performance computing cloud solutions. Tomologic is privately owned with solid backing from external industrial investors.

Tomologic’s Business, Research and Development office is situated in the center of Stockholm, Sweden.