Tomologic offers cloud based Intelligent Services to leading machine builders, enabling their customers to achieve smarter utilization of material, power, time, and machinery. Machine builders can easily integrate Tomologic’s Optimization as a Service with their product portfolio.

Through the Optimization as a Service, manufacturers’ improve their bottom line significantly. In addition, the ability of the service to reduce material waste and energy consumption contributes to a positive impact on the environment.

Tomologic was founded in 2009 by CEO Magnus Norberg Ohlsson. Knowledge of market drivers, cutting technology expertise, and hands-on experience has been instrumental to realize this bMagnus Norberg Ohlssonreak-through service. Tomologic’s core team includes experts in advanced algorithm design, artificial intelligence and development of high performance computing cloud solutions.

The Tomologic team has brought an optimization service to the market that is leap frogging everything the industry has seen until today, and is paving the road for brand new business opportunities – Industry 4.0 is here.

Tomologic’s Business, Research and Development office is situated in the center of Stockholm, Sweden.