Get your customers to Industry 4.0 fast. By integrating Tomologic’s Optimization as a Service you can create significant value for your customers and grow your market share.

Benefits of the service:

  • Optimization as a Service, reducing your customers’ material, production and operational cost. How?
  • Business model that significantly increases margins for you and your customers
  • Opportunity to strengthen the relationships with your customers
  • Strong competitive advantages – sell more machines, leveraging this break-through service
  • New continuous revenue stream
  • Reliable delivery of cutting plans 24/7 according to an agreed upon SLA
  • Ongoing improvements of the Optimization service without the need to distribute software or patches
  • Low risk investment, the service’s high performance computing backbone is managed by us
  • Solid APIs to enable easy integration of our service

Tomologic’s Optimization as a Service is easy to integrate with your existing or upcoming products. Want to know more about machine integration today? Contact us.