Would you like to be a part of: 

  • changing a global trillion dollar industry,
  • providing an optimization solution that’s been previously considered impossible,
  • saving substantial amount of raw material, increasing our customers profitability, and
  • reducing wasteful energy consumption, driving a positive impact on the environment.

Any typical workday we:

  • solve challenging geometrical optimization problems,
  • leverage massive High Performance Computing (HPC),
  • do distributed computations over multiple cores over multiple machine boundaries over multiple locations,
  • rely on development tech and tooling such as Scala, Java, Bash, Python, Git, CI (Jenkins), tools from JetBrains and Atlassian, and
  • take agile manners for granted, while keeping an open-minded approach to the manifest.

Working here you would get a choice of hardware and OS. We honor flexible work hours and trust in each and everyone to do their very best to move forward as a team.

Did you find your dream job in the list, then please send us your application to [email protected]. In addition to a CV, we greatly appreciate a cover letter where you describe your professional background and passions, and in which way you could strengthen our team through this role.

Is <your ideal job> missing but you think Tomologic and you would be a mutual great fit? Then challenge us and send your CV and a short cover letter.