Curious about Tomologic and what it’s like to work here?

We think Tomologic is different. While we proudly think of ourselves as a start-up, we’re different to most start-ups because our technology, business model and our footprint in the industry doesn’t only get lots of praise, it has attracted some serious funding from solid industrial investors.

To summarize our ambitions, Tomologic aims to:

  • change a global trillion dollar industry,
  • provide an optimization solution that’s been previously considered impossible,
  • serve that industry through a 24/7 SaaS solution,
  • save substantial amount of raw material, increasing our customers profitability, and
  • reduce wasteful energy consumption, driving a positive impact on the environment.

Any typical workday we do:

  • challenge really tricky mathematical, geometrical and optimization problems,
  • leverage pretty massive High Performance Computing (HPC) to get things done,
  • all that tricky crunching in parallel over multiple cores over multiple machine boundaries over multiple locations,
  • rely on development tech and tooling such as Scala, Java, Bash, Python, Git, CI (Jenkins), tools from JetBrains and Atlassian, and
  • take agile manners for granted, while keeping an open-minded approach to the manifest.

Working here you would get a choice of hardware and OS (MacBook Retinas seem to be the current fashion). We honor flexible work hours and trust in each and everyone to do their very best to move us forward as a team. The geeks and non-geeks at Tomologic tend to have a great deal of fun during work and every now and then after work hours.

Did you find your dream job in the list, then please send your application soon.

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